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Deep treacly blues

I’ve never been to Michigan. I love this song.

I’m in the process of wrapping some monotypes to put out as ‘bin work.’

I can’t seem to keep my hands off them, though. I  keep having a go at them with colored pencils. After they’ve been photographed. Or recorded through a scanner, poorly.

Always with the fish. I don’t even eat fish. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me.


A handful of ATCs

I wanted to experiment with Marblex air-dry clay, so I used it to make cards for our special trade at the CORE exhibit.

Depression for Breakfast

94 year-old Clara has sugar cookies for breakfast , but only on Sundays. She shows us how to make them. My grandma’s name was Clara, and she used to make donuts and dunk them in her coffee much like this Clara does here with her cookies.

Finally, it’s cool enough to bake again. I made banana bread today and I may try Clara’s sugar cookies.

All of her Youtube videos are charming, and I’m quite taken with her.

Her stuffed artichokes for Christmas may be delicious, but they  are awfully messy looking …

Angels Watching Over

First experiment with found objects (or more honestly, junk I never threw away. I have broken more watches than anyone I know. Either my chemistry throws them off or they just stop when I look at them too much.), lumina air dry clay, glass and paint. I would hang a thing like this on my Christmas tree, but am not sure if anyone else would.

Fall in love and fall apart

Dana Cain is curating her first show for CORE New Art Space. For “The Love Show,” she has conceived a full-blown metaphor of a love affair to give the exhibit a life of its own. Each weekend has special events that echo the stages of love- the joys and the pains.
Opening reception this Friday, Feb. 12 from 6 to 10 PM includes valentines signed by the artists for the first 100 attendees, a PDA photo booth and the arrival of Dream Date Phil Bender and his lucky contest winner/date at 8:30 PM.

Ain’t love grand?

Please ignore the annoying all-caps.

I know neither why it happened, nor how to change it.

Happy New Year! (Maggot Brain)

One of my guilty pleasures (and since giving up cigarette smoking for the zillionth time twelve days ago, I cling fiercely to those pleasures I have left) is watching the TV show “House.”

I almost jumped for joy tonight when I recognized Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain” playing in the background of the final big dramatic resolution scene.

This is not only a great song to paint to, I use it as a sort of timer on my Itunes to help me through studio tasks I don’t enjoy.

The song is just about ten minutes long, and though I figure I can put up with anything for ten minutes, I don’t have a stopwatch or a kitchen timer.

Maggot Brain to the rescue.

I have decided

to make lefse this year for Christmas.

Hour upon hour in the kitchen, with flour from hell to breakfast…

If I’m going to feel like a dour old Norwegian, my family may as well reap some of the benefits.

No angry letters, please. Some of my best friends are dour old Norwegians.

Making Halloween junk

I’ve been taking a break from working on (ostensibly) salable  art to make tasteless yard props for Halloween.

It’s been a lot of fun. I’m glad we don’t have a neighborhood association to answer to.

Here’s TJ Hooker:


And a corpse bride I’m still working on:


Other stuff in the grave yard/front yard includes a modified arm that once belonged to, then fell off of a 3-d billboard. I’ve kept it in my studio for years, knowing it would come in handy some day.


Our cat Diablo seems to approve.


Speaking of tomatoes

My good friend Elizabeth has written a lovely blog entry about tomatoes and… sex. Yes, tomatoes are sexy.

They knew that in 1940’s, when pretty girls were referred to “tomatoes.” At least I think that’s what they meant.

You should check out her informative and delightful essay, entitled “Love Apple,” here.

You can view her entire blog, Elizabeth in This World, here:

It’s all good stuff.

I’ve nominated Elizabeth’s juicy blog for inclusion in an upcoming issue of  Creative Nonfiction– right here. And you can, too!

This year’s Christmas card



Linocut. Cut my fingers up, printed by hand. Dreary time of year.