Monthly Archives: September 2011

Viva Catalonia

Photo credit.

And may the rest of Iberia follow!

Throw Me A Bone



Monotype. Terrible scan. Need a new scanner.


Paper collage, 5″ x 7″.



Three nights running. Nothing seems to knock me out.

May need some animal tranquilizer soon. It’s driving me crazy.

Things to be happy about – the glorious rain pouring down onto my poor neglected gardens (back to back shows this summer took a wicked toll) and the lovely generous present of many beautiful new painting panels from a gifted and accomplished Denver artist friend- many thanks to the Fantastic Mr. Fox. I can’t wait to sully these pristine things.


My show at Zip 37 is over. I’ve taken the paintings away and prepared the gallery for the next artist. It’s been a good run and I sold 9 paintings between the two shows at CORE and Zip (essentially the same body of work on two different sides of town) as well as a handful of monotypes. I’m thanking whatever gods may be that smiled on me these past two months- but I’m especially thanking the good folks who like the work enough to fork over some money and take it home. (Maybe I can get that root canal & crown now.)


My next show is scheduled to open at Zip 37 on February 10, 2012.┬áIt wasn’t my first choice of date but I’ll work with it. I plan to do some reading and thinking about the sickness that is love in preparation for this show which falls around Valentine’s Day.