Speaking of tomatoes

My good friend Elizabeth has written a lovely blog entry about tomatoes and… sex. Yes, tomatoes are sexy.

They knew that in 1940’s, when pretty girls were referred to “tomatoes.” At least I think that’s what they meant.

You should check out her informative and delightful essay, entitled “Love Apple,” here.

You can view her entire blog, Elizabeth in This World, here: http://elizabethinthisworld.wordpress.com

It’s all good stuff.

I’ve nominated Elizabeth’s juicy blog for inclusion in an upcoming issue of  Creative Nonfiction– right here. And you can, too!

One response to “Speaking of tomatoes

  1. Elizabeth Van Jacob

    Thanks a million, Katie. I am humbled.

    Just FYI, the nominations close at midnight tonight, 31 August.

    You are so very, very sweet.

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