Monthly Archives: October 2009

Making Halloween junk

I’ve been taking a break from working on (ostensibly) salable  art to make tasteless yard props for Halloween.

It’s been a lot of fun. I’m glad we don’t have a neighborhood association to answer to.

Here’s TJ Hooker:


And a corpse bride I’m still working on:


Other stuff in the grave yard/front yard includes a modified arm that once belonged to, then fell off of a 3-d billboard. I’ve kept it in my studio for years, knowing it would come in handy some day.


Our cat Diablo seems to approve.


Sadness on this cold day

My thoughts and my heart are with the Van Jacob Family.  daisies

Every Day a Little Death

One of the best things about being a mom is watching the kids grow up to be interesting people, with their own passions and obsessions.

If you’re lucky- and I’m very lucky- they share these interests with you and expand your world.

My youngest daughter’s passion for the natural sciences has me learning things I never did (but should have) thanks to Joy Hakim’s wonderful series, “The Story of Science.”

These books manage to make the subject engaging and accessible – even to a dunderhead like me- without condescending to the reader. I highly recommend the series to parents of elementary school- aged children.

Last weekend my oldest daughter, who has me searching the bookstores for the best new graphic novels every year at Christmas gift-giving time, participated in the 24-Hour Comics Challenge.

She’s been drawing comics on a regular basis since she was ten years old. They’re irreverent, somewhat disturbing, and quite good.

I think I’ve read more comics in the past five years- due to her interest in the genre- than I had in all the previous years of my life.

My son, a talented college freshman majoring in theater,  has infected me with his newfound enthusiasm for Sondheim. So many musicals, so little time.

Thanks to the magic of Youtube, I can listen while I get on with clutter-purging my studio. Makes the odious task more bearable. Where did all this crap come from?