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Oil on linen, 1o” x 10″.

The thing with feathers

Oil on wood, 12″x 12″.  Just a bit too big to fit on my scanner, so I  tried to overlap and merge two partial scans.  My photoshop skills were sorely taxed and the seam is visible- there is no such hard line in the actual painting.

Scampy Shrimp

Oil on canvas, 6″x6″.

With the barkers and the coloured balloons

As I grow longer in the tooth I think more and more about Sugar Mountain.

Specifically, I would like to eat lemon meringue pie for breakfast.

At the kitchen table with my first cup of coffee and the newspaper, before I’ve even had a shower. Lemon meringue pie.

My mom makes the best lemon meringue pie in the world (it was my dad’s favorite) and to hear her talk about it, learning to make it solidify satisfactorily at this altitude and to get the meringue fluffy and toasted was a herculean feat.

I can’t remember the last time Mom made one. Dad’s been gone eight years. I’ll ask her about it and try to get the recipe. I will post the results here.

In other news, I’ve been enjoying making monotypes under the instruction of Joe Higgins at the Art Students’ League of Denver. It feels like a natural for my process, but SO much quicker, more immediate than an oil painting. The latest are too big to scan on my flatbed-I’ll take photos soon. Here are some smaller, earlier experiments:

Carpaccio Magazine

I’m delighted to have two of my paintings reproduced in the current issue, “Error,” of this Spanish arts magazine. Carpaccio can be viewed online here.

Thank you, Carpaccio.

Talking Pictures

How do you want your work to speak to people?

I’d like mine to speak with an Eastern European accent, in hushed and urgent tones of things sweet and scary that people remember right before they drift into sleep.

But I’ll settle for my work saying “Look at me for more than a nanosecond.”

I talk about this briefly on my friend Annette Coleman‘s Blogtalk radio show, “Art Marketing and Artist Networking for the Visual Artist,” here. This episode, “Potpourri,” is a compilation of bits from the previous shows hosted by Boulder, Colorado artist Annette and co-hosted by Denver artist Jim Caldwell.

A handful of ATCs

I wanted to experiment with Marblex air-dry clay, so I used it to make cards for our special trade at the CORE exhibit.

Depression for Breakfast

94 year-old Clara has sugar cookies for breakfast , but only on Sundays. She shows us how to make them. My grandma’s name was Clara, and she used to make donuts and dunk them in her coffee much like this Clara does here with her cookies.

Finally, it’s cool enough to bake again. I made banana bread today and I may try Clara’s sugar cookies.

All of her Youtube videos are charming, and I’m quite taken with her.

Her stuffed artichokes for Christmas may be delicious, but they  are awfully messy looking …