Monthly Archives: December 2011

Nice write up in NYT on SICA & “The Sum of Their Parts”

Right here.

This show runs until February 24.

I am very grateful to Doug Ferrari for including my work in what looks to be a beautiful exhibit.

Cruel Cupid

Oil on canvas, 12″ x 12″.

Winston Churchill’s black dog

I have fifty unfinished paintings in this studio and nothing to post.

Lo siento.


I wish I could go away and wake up late April.

Kir Royale

12″ x 12″, oil & gold leaf on canvas.


I so hate this time of year.

I think the winter holidays are all that keeps someone like me wanting to go on day after day in the cold darkness. I find myself with the impulse to return to church lately. It’s an insane urge that will probably be resisted, for very good reasons. But I do miss the music.