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Let’s Paint

The Creative Process. Multi-tasking. I’m speechless.

Tinfoil Hat Society

Member #1. Mixed-media rag doll.

Worth Quitting For

I need to stop smoking again. For good. It’s such a trial. But a little levity about it helps.

 I almost choked on my coffee when I found this PSA by Nate Starkey.


Curious new spam

Most of my inbox spam these days has been garden variety stuff from Nigerian princesses who need assistance with their enormous inheritances. So I was delighted to find this spam from Elvis today. My favorite bit: “If Yes give out come”. Good Heavens-What sort of phrase book are they using?

Greetings to you 


My name is Elvis Solomon, I

am an artist. I own Elvis ART in London (United Kingdom)We Have a job

offer available for you in response to your initial requesting the job

search directory for USA, CANADA, UK AND EUROPE. We are based in Asia. We

have been receiving orders from North America which we have not been able

to process completely since we do not have a payment receiving personnel

in this area. So we have decided to recruit Payment Officer online hence

we will be needing a representative to process out payment in this area

and get 10% on each payment being processed and you will making at least

close to $1,800 weekly. 


All you will be doing is receive

payments from my customers in the States in form of MONEY ORDER'S or

TRAVELER'S CHEQUE,Then take to you bank and cash then deduct 10% and have

the remaining 90% sent back to me via western union money transfer. 


If interested Kindly get back with this information below and i

will furnish back with further and more details on this, Please have it in

mind this is 100% legit and would not affect you present job nor cost you

dime of your personal money. 


If you are interested, N: B,

Please send to me the listed

information below directly to me at



Full Name, Address in full (

No Po Box ) City, State, Zip code,

Phone Number.

Have receive

or done an offer like this? Yes or No?

If Yes give out come 


Name:Elvis Solomon

Time 24Hrs Daily


Rest in Peace, Robert Rauschenberg

1925 – 2008.

Weird Old Denver Film

From caricature artist Sam Klemke.

1977 is the year my family moved to the Denver area. Denver has changed a lot in thirty years. I’m pretty sure my dad had the exact same hairstyle and jacket Sam is sporting here.



Will it be more interesting than this YouTube Video leads me to believe? I certainly hope so.

CHAC Gallery

Cinco de Mayo is being celebrated this weekend in Denver. CHAC gallery is one my favorite places to stop into when I’m on Santa Fe Drive. Here’s a video they put on YouTube in honor of the holiday.

Bird Watching

Collage on paper, 7″ x 5″.

Catch and Release

Mixed Media Collage, 5″ x 7″.