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Scratchboard, 5″ x 7″.


Pen & Ink, 8\" width=

April is National Soft Pretzel Month

But I prefer poetry. Here’s the delightful Sharon Olds reading her “Self Portrait, Rear View.”

Because it is still April

And still National Poetry Month (!) here is the Richard Corey Interactive Adventure, from What joy awaits you.

April Collage


5″ x 7″. Scratchboard, handmade paste paper, and a bit of an old failed watercolor painting, all sewn together.

As Sweet as Candy

Nice time-lapse film of a huge mural recently completed in Denver.


April is National Poetry Month

From the Richard Brautigan Bibliography and Archive:


     This poem was found written on a paper bag by Richard Brautigan in a laundromat in San Francisco. The author is unknown. 

By accident, you put
Your money in my
Machine (#4)
By accident, I put
My money in another
Machine (#6)
On purpose, I put
Your clothes in the
Empty machine full
Of water and no

It was lonely. 

Eric Matelski

Eric Matelski is an artist in Denver who frequently interviews other artists for First Monday Art Talks at Dazzle Jazz. Here he is on video interviewing himself.   


Oil on canvas, 8″ x 8″.icarus.jpg 

Another Man’s Treasure

Michael Conti’s film, “Another Man’s Treasure, “ about Denver artist Jerry Simpson. From the National 24 Hour Filmmaking Association. A little slow to load but interesting.