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“Scorned Lovers”

I am happy to have several paintings hanging in the Scorned Lovers Show at The Art Salon, which runs until the end of March.

It is raining tonight in Denver. Dashed hopes and vain fancies swirl through the gutters and wash down into storm drains.

24th Annual Fine Art Market Show and Sale at the Arvada Center

for Arts and Humanities.

Many wonderful local artists display their wares at this show, and the opening reception is lovely; beautiful young people in ties walk around with trays of pastries and things, offering them up. I will have 13 pieces in this exhibit. Most are tiny and brand new. There is also a new thing this year for people who have cell phones (i.e., everyone on the planet except me). You can dial in a number and hear each artist say whatever they’ve chosen to say about their work. What a world!

Some things last a long time

Thank you, Mike Lownie, for reminding me that Daniel Johnston exists in this world. You brightened my whole day (as grey and dreary as it looks from the outside here in Denver on the unusually late date of our first snowfall of the season.)

I will have tiny and affordable paintings for sale at the Foothills Center Holiday Market, which opens this Friday November 13, with a reception from 6 to 8 pm.

This show will last a (relatively) long time. It hangs from November 13 till December 30.

A handful of ATCs

I wanted to experiment with Marblex air-dry clay, so I used it to make cards for our special trade at the CORE exhibit.

Angels Watching Over

First experiment with found objects (or more honestly, junk I never threw away. I have broken more watches than anyone I know. Either my chemistry throws them off or they just stop when I look at them too much.), lumina air dry clay, glass and paint. I would hang a thing like this on my Christmas tree, but am not sure if anyone else would.

The Arvada Center’s 23rd Annual Art Market.

Tonight, I’m tagging work to drop off for this (always beautiful) show tomorrow morning.

The video includes some shots from last year’s show- my paintings can be seen on the far left at 4:41 in the video:)

Hoping it’s a great, lucrative year for the Arvada Center and for all the artists participating.

Making Halloween junk

I’ve been taking a break from working on (ostensibly) salable  art to make tasteless yard props for Halloween.

It’s been a lot of fun. I’m glad we don’t have a neighborhood association to answer to.

Here’s TJ Hooker:


And a corpse bride I’m still working on:


Other stuff in the grave yard/front yard includes a modified arm that once belonged to, then fell off of a 3-d billboard. I’ve kept it in my studio for years, knowing it would come in handy some day.


Our cat Diablo seems to approve.