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Happy Birthday Fran Lebowitz

I wish you had your own talk show. I’d learn how to turn our television on for that.

Happy New Year! (Maggot Brain)

One of my guilty pleasures (and since giving up cigarette smoking for the zillionth time twelve days ago, I cling fiercely to those pleasures I have left) is watching the TV show “House.”

I almost jumped for joy tonight when I recognized Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain” playing in the background of the final big dramatic resolution scene.

This is not only a great song to paint to, I use it as a sort of timer on my Itunes to help me through studio tasks I don’t enjoy.

The song is just about ten minutes long, and though I figure I can put up with anything for ten minutes, I don’t have a stopwatch or a kitchen timer.

Maggot Brain to the rescue.

Let’s Paint

The Creative Process. Multi-tasking. I’m speechless.