Monthly Archives: December 2010

Not a white Christmas

here in Denver. Sunny, dry and warm.

More of a “White Wine in the Sun” Christmas, as in the Tim Minchin video below. It’s one of my very favorite Christmas songs.

The days are getting longer and my family is happy and healthy. The weird, funny, beautiful things we make for one another as Christmas gifts (often without spending a dime) remind me that I really do have the best kids in the world.


Plus my fruitcake turned out kickin’ this year. I think my grandma would be proud.


Safe and Warm (as ugly as I seem)

This year’s Christmas card – the usual quick block print method- had some surprises.

Hand-marbling paper is always a little unpredictable. The red and green paint I used in the marbling bath left a select few nutcrackers looking like they were dying in a bloody storm of gunfire. I sent those cards out anyway, but only to friends who would (hopefully) understand.

After a weirdly warm spell in Denver, it feels like our snow will come in tonight.

I’m ready for it. I’m making fruitcake tonight using a variation on Alton Brown’s recipe- no nasty jellied fruits, just good dried fruit, lots of nuts and even more brandy.

Trying very hard to be of good cheer.

Hope you are safe and warm who ever you are, where ever you are.

The Hubris of Hare

Oil on canvas, 6″ x 6″.

I will be showing a handful of new small paintings, including this one, at the Zip 37 Gallery Members’ Show, which opens this December 17 and runs until January 23.

24th Annual Fine Art Market Show and Sale at the Arvada Center

for Arts and Humanities.

Many wonderful local artists display their wares at this show, and the opening reception is lovely; beautiful young people in ties walk around with trays of pastries and things, offering them up. I will have 13 pieces in this exhibit. Most are tiny and brand new. There is also a new thing this year for people who have cell phones (i.e., everyone on the planet except me). You can dial in a number and hear each artist say whatever they’ve chosen to say about their work. What a world!


This time of year. I know I should be grateful.

I have so much to be grateful for.

I need to start doing the ten million things necessary to make our home seem festive and merry.

Light in the winter and all that.

But it’s cold. It’s dark.