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First Friday at CORE New Art Space

There will be a First Friday Art Walk reception for myself, Melissa Rackliff, Charlie Taublieb, and Stuart Codington Andrews this Friday July 2 from 6 till 9 pm.

Hope you can join us.

The show comes down Saturday the 3rd at 6 pm. CORE will be closed on Sunday, July 4.

Thank you

Gene Davis, for the kind and creative review in the  Denver Daily News.

Angels Watching Over

First experiment with found objects (or more honestly, junk I never threw away. I have broken more watches than anyone I know. Either my chemistry throws them off or they just stop when I look at them too much.), lumina air dry clay, glass and paint. I would hang a thing like this on my Christmas tree, but am not sure if anyone else would.


It is too hot to think clearly.

My Iweb, website designing software for the know-nothing, has stopped working completely. Everything, apparently, is corrupted and I don’t know how to fix it. I know only that I know nothing.

I am also experimenting with Lumina air dry clay and enjoying the hell out of this show when I can catch it online in this cable-free house.

The premise of “Work of Art” (that there are clear winners and losers in this life of art-making) is frustrating and I roll my eyes and talk back at the screen a lot but, still… artists- people making completely impractical things- on a mainstream reality tv show that is gaining in popularity!

I don’t know why that makes me feel better, but it does. The show is interesting and brings me back to the days of classroom critiques.

Jerry Saltz writes thoughtful recaps of the episodes, which are almost better than the shows themselves.


We have a nest of crows in our back yard for the first time since we have lived here.

Their distinctive caws fill the air from morning till dusk.

Clearly they agree with Hillary Clinton that it takes a village; one huge baby crow flew the nest a little too soon, before its tail feathers had completely come in.

At least four adults hover close and scream at any human, cat or dog in the general vicinity.

My friend, colleague, and show-partner Melissa Rackliff  has an abundance of crows (or maybe they’re ravens- I’m not sure that I know the difference) in her very nice new paintings hanging currently at CORE New Art Space. I have work hanging there, too.

The First Friday Artwalk for this show will be on July 2, from 6 to 9 PM.

Allison Moorer’s new release “Crows” is beautiful. I want to listen again & again.

Fresh Spam

In today’s inbox. Title line cheered me considerably:



is really here now. Heat. The paleta men ding-dinging down the street. Flies buzzing about. It’s all pretty good.


Zeta-oral’s short film for Pound’s perfect poem.