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Bluish Blue Wish/Holy Moly, it’s Third Friday.

I am just delighted to have had two paintings (pictured below) accepted into “Holy Moly- Religious Commentary in Contemporary Art,” an exhibit opening this Friday June 20 at Niza Knoll Gallery in Denver. The show will run from June 20 through July 26.


“Wedding at Cana” 18″ x 18″, oil on canvas, $575


“Prodigal,” 30″ x 24″, $825

I will also have my studio open this Friday through the modern miracle of cloning (or maybe just a very nice husband who has agreed to sit the studio while I pop out briefly to the Holy Moly opening), so if you are in the neighborhood or perhaps already in the same Fresh Art Building, visiting the opening reception of Rolf Helland and Earl Chuvarsky at CORE New Art Space, please come in and say hi!


Also here is the last little painting I have finished. “Blue Wish,” oil on canvas, 8″ x 8″. It’s about time for me to get serious and start sinking my teeth into some bigger canvas in preparation for my fall show.


The Blue Wish, 8″ x 8″, oil on canvas, $135

Summer Art Market- Heloise & Abelard- She’s out of my Life

On this Friday the thirteenth I have a spate of undeserved good luck to reflect on. The  Summer Art Market at the Art Students’ League of Denver was better to me than it has ever been. (Until the deluge hit Sunday and we discovered that the EZ-Up leaks. But we survived that with minimal damage.)

Remarkably, I sold my Heloise and Abelard there,

Heloise & Abelard_Low-res@0


to a terrific couple. Funny, smart, kind people who love her.

I am so grateful that someone loved her enough to want to own her. I am also  grateful for the sorely needed money. But, weirdly, I will miss having her around. Never felt quite so attached to a painting. Hm.  Onward and upward. Hopefully I will eventually make a painting that will make me forget all about that one. Or maybe not forget but just move on. You know.

I’m not only pining and crying and navel gazing these days (though I do all of that so well).  I do have stuff going on. I’m working on a mask for the Denver Hospice’s Mask Project that is almost done. I’ll be delivering it next week. Almost done shot below:



I’ve been invited by the fantastically gifted ceramicist Pat Cronin to show in the “Creatures” exhibit at Zip 37 Gallery. I have been thinking hard about Rat Kings but have not yet started one. I think/hope/believe I will have new work to show.

And I am thinking about my fall show at Core New Art Space. Some canvases are stretched and prepped, and ideas are fermenting. I believe it will be called “The House that Jack Built.” I have been thinking lately about the concept of home and  the structures that can serve as the places we dwell.

Wishing a very lucky Friday the 13th to you all.