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Boxer Mix


Tonight I am filled with ineffable sadness.  People always talk about “battling depression.” How? Do we punch it in the nose? Break its glass jaw with a hard left? Also I am painting about love and dogs (is there a difference?), making beef stew and sourdough bread, and trying to remember how to blog. I hate January.IMG_7780

Depression for Breakfast

94 year-old Clara has sugar cookies for breakfast , but only on Sundays. She shows us how to make them. My grandma’s name was Clara, and she used to make donuts and dunk them in her coffee much like this Clara does here with her cookies.

Finally, it’s cool enough to bake again. I made banana bread today and I may try Clara’s sugar cookies.

All of her Youtube videos are charming, and I’m quite taken with her.

Her stuffed artichokes for Christmas may be delicious, but they  are awfully messy looking …

Driving the Bears to Drink

Ken Smith brought this Flaubert quote to my attention (Thanks, Ken!):

“Language is a drum on which we beat out tunes for bears to dance to, when all the while we wish to move the stars to pity.”

I feel this way about paint, lately. Sometimes I am happy enough to beat out that tune for bears to dance to-

and sometimes I fear that I’m beating out thin dirges that would drive the bears back into the woods.

It is very hot and there are bugs everywhere. But- the crickets have started singing already in the evenings. A pleasant noise.

Physical exhaustion for no reason. Seven months without a cigarette.

The world has lost Chris Al-Aswad, who I knew only from his vivid presence on the internet, much too soon.

Escape into Life, the arts site he created, is truly wonderful.