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Very excited to have “Carry my Shadow,” below:

accepted into the Denver Art District on Santa Fe Drive’s Best of 2011 Show.

I know that, objectively speaking, “Best Of” is a silly title for any show.

It is one juror’s opinion, entirely subjective. But I am grateful to this year’s juror- I’ve never made it into this particular exhibit before now. I don’t make it into most things, so the taste is extra sweet when I do.The show runs at EventGallery 910Arts from January 20 till March 10.

Heloise & Abelard

Oil on wood, 50″ x 32″.


about me in Local Pigeon, here.

Thanks, Jason Sandberg & Local Pigeon.

Chasing the Desert Sky

If you’re searching for mouth watering eye candy,  check out my friend Sarah’s blog. She lives in beautiful New Mexico and  paints exquisite landscapes and still lifes that nearly quiver with breath.


She also sent me a link to this video below, because she thought I’d enjoy it. I did. Thanks, Sarah.


Getting by with a little help from my friends

As February 10, the opening date for my solo show at Zip 37  (preemptively conceived of and titled as “Lovesick”)  approached, I realized the 50 unfinished canvases in my studio were nowhere near becoming 50 finished canvases. Or even 20. Or 10.

I have been painting every day. Really. But winter is never kind to my psyche. Worrying, sleeping and moping consumes a lot of time. Progress is slow and inertia is a harsh mistress.

I never want to half-ass a new solo by hauling out older stuff, so I was in quite a dither and moaning about this to friends when it occurred to me- like the zen koan about the guy who goes out riding on his horse for the purpose of finding a horse- I have friends. (Or at least, people willing to talk to me:)  Some of those friends make art. And some of them make art about love, at least sometimes.

Et voila-  “Lovesick” will include the work of nine of my favorite Colorado artists, exploring the madness that is love. There will be paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, book arts and printmaking.

I am grateful to Penney Bidwell, Heather Doyle-Maier, Sarah Haney, Sara-Lou Klein, Lokken Liane, Claudia Roulier, Valerie Savarie and Susan Vaho for saying yes. And I am excited about this show, opening on February 10 and running until February 26 .