This year’s Christmas card



Linocut. Cut my fingers up, printed by hand. Dreary time of year.

6 responses to “This year’s Christmas card

  1. I like the card, the image and the technique.

  2. Thank you, Jafabrit. It has made me want to make more block prints. One thing I’d forgotten in my long absence from print making is that the first few prints I make are not very good- best to start with crap paper till I get the feel. The one shown is on hand marbled paper, a great way to use up palette scrapings.

  3. Is linocut when you carve a block of linoleum? I’ve done that before, if it is. Very fun.

    Interesting card. Looks like I won’t be sending out cards until New Years. My sabbatical is SO over — no time for cards until the grades are in. 🙂

    • Yes, it is the same thing WGB- it’s fairly easy (except when the linoleum is cold…) and fun, isn’t it? I’m boiling potatoes in preparation to make lefse tomorrow. After much deliberation, I decided to forget about making “healthy lefse” and do it the way I always do. Christmas comes but once a year- hope you have a wonderful one!

  4. Goodness, yes, make lefse the RIGHT way!

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