Monthly Archives: November 2013

When I light your darkened door

New small paintings and recent small news.

I was happy to have a  mention in a nice video interview with Bianca Trenker, owner of Mountain Living Studio. I am happy to have work hanging in her beautiful gallery, among so many remarkable artists.

I have been creating tiny paintings,  which will make their debut at Valkarie Gallery‘s special event from November 29 to December 6. I will not be present physically but my work will- lots of it, and scads of affordable stuff. Anybody with any sense can agree that if you must choose, the latter is the best option.The latest little ones I’ve finished are below.


“Cock of the Walk,” oil on canvas, 5″ x 5″



“Crazy Cat,” oil on canvas, 6″ x 6″

TravelingIncognito“Traveling Incognito,” oil on canvas, 5″ x 5″.

Willow“Willow,” oil on canvas, 5″ x 5″.




Catch & Release II

Oil on canvas board, 5″ x 7″


The Butterfly

oil on canvas board, 6″ x 4″


Dodo Bird

6″ x 4″, oil on canvas board.



Oil o canvas, 5″ x 7″



Hunter’s Moon



Hunter'sMoonOil on canvas board, 7″ x 5″