Last Week in Denver


Shepard Fairey talks about getting busted in Denver here.


In a related vein, Matthew Rose has an effective click & print “Vote Obama” poster here.

4 responses to “Last Week in Denver

  1. Must have been an exciting time in Denver. I watched the convention coverage every night. I heard bout this art exhibit — looks interesting.

  2. It was an exciting week, WGB. I feel guardedly optimistic about this election- but it’s sure to be a close race. Were you in proximity of the RNC? I have a vague idea that you’re in Minnesota, but it may be a wooly mental connection regarding lefse:) I miss lefse- we’re all we’re all trying to eat more healthfully in this house and lefse, alas, is nutritionally suspect:(

  3. Well, well seems as if the tide has turned a bit. The Palin nomination is looking like an oil-slicked duck. In other news, I just opened THE END OF THE WORLD in Atlanta at the Wm Turner Gallery.

    Take a look:



  4. Looks good, Matthew. The End (1) has a Bosch-ish horrific flavor to it. I wish I’d bought one of your little collages from Capsule when you showed there. I kept coming back to ONOPO but I was too poor to buy it. Still am. I’m glad that you put nice big jpegs up on your site for everyone to enjoy looking at.

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