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Last Week in Denver


Shepard Fairey talks about getting busted in Denver here.


In a related vein, Matthew Rose has an effective click & print “Vote Obama” poster here.

Artists Against Convention

I’m thrilled that jurors Patricia Calhoun and Jason Salzman chose my painting, “Spanish Lesson,” for inclusion in this show at Next Gallery that was conceived to relate to the coming Democratic National Convention. The jurors who chose the work and the artists of Next who hung the show did a great job. You can view images from the show here.  One of my favorites from the show is Michael McGrath’s “The Rape of Uncle Sam.”

Dialog:City Revisited

A while back I posted a video of  Mayor Hickenlooper’s soporific introduction to Dialog:City, a sort of arts festival coming to Denver to coincide with the Democratic National Convention. That video is not very inspiring, but it does look like the artists involved are coming up with interesting projects.


This one in particular, I find fascinating: artist Luke Dubois has taken all of the State of the Union speeches  from US history and tracked the word frequency of each. He used this data to make lightbox charts that look a bit like what you see in an optometrist’s office.


The results are very telling. Some of them read a bit like psychotic poetry. You can view low res pics of Dubois’ work, titled “Hindsight is Always 20/20,” here.

Mail Art- Call for Entries

For you mail art mavens out there- Colorado’s illustrious Roger Rapp is organizing “My Voice,” a politically-themed mail art show to coincide with the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Sounds like standard mail art procedures- no fee to enter, and no return of entries. For details please click on the flyer thumbnail. mailartcall.jpg