CHAC Gallery

Cinco de Mayo is being celebrated this weekend in Denver. CHAC gallery is one my favorite places to stop into when I’m on Santa Fe Drive. Here’s a video they put on YouTube in honor of the holiday.

2 responses to “CHAC Gallery

  1. I love the Day of the Dead art, in particular. So interesting to see skeletons in so many situations. Having been born in Calif., I always note cinco do Mayo in some way, even if it’s just making tacos for dinner…!

  2. I love the Day of the Dead art, too, WGB. What strikes me most is the joyfulness depicted- it’s a view on the afterlife that’s anything but bleak.
    When we made a shrine for my friend Brandon this past November, I tried my hand at making some traditional sugar skulls. It’s a lot of fun, especially if there are kids around to help!

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