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30 in 30 Day 22 – Petrichor II

Starting to think I might actually make it all the way to day 30!

Petrichor is one of my favorite scents. Don’t have a lot of opportunity to experience it in Denver. We get a few dramatic rain storms in the summer months, but the danger of hail keeps me with one eye on the vegetable garden when it happens – can’t just relax and enjoy it. My youngest daughter tells me it has been raining in Richmond, Indiana for a couple of day now. In February! Hard to imagine.

“Petrichor II,” oil on canvas board



In my next life

I would like to play the banjo. I’d like to play it well. I shouldn’t push my luck and wish – concerning my hypothetical next incarnation in which I have as much faith as I do in the Easter Bunny – for a voice like Karen Dalton’s as well. I think there are stories about devils and crossroads…