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30 in 30 Day 22 – Petrichor II

Starting to think I might actually make it all the way to day 30!

Petrichor is one of my favorite scents. Don’t have a lot of opportunity to experience it in Denver. We get a few dramatic rain storms in the summer months, but the danger of hail keeps me with one eye on the vegetable garden when it happens – can’t just relax and enjoy it. My youngest daughter tells me it has been raining in Richmond, Indiana for a couple of day now. In February! Hard to imagine.

“Petrichor II,” oil on canvas board



30 in 30 day 1 – Clown College Drop Out

I’ve been searching for a reason to keep painting. I found Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 challenge and it has given me some steam. Happy New Year to all.


Edit:Last year I learned a new word, “Ekphrastic.” My friend Valerie Savarie, an altered-book artist,  put together an exhibit with that title in which poets responded to works of visual art with their literary works, then read their poems aloud at the opening reception.

Yesterday, I was thrilled to read poet Ken Smith’s “Clown College Failure,” sparked by his looking at this  painting.

Clown College Failure

At the end he had that unconvincing smile, maybe half a tube
Of grease paint, one green shirt with matching pants, a box
Of small hats with massive wigs, and a keen sense of the shocks
That flesh is heir to. On the wide college lawn, after he begged
The dean of clowns for another chance to play the hapless rube,
The world said the role is yours and the world has not reneged.

Ken is a writer and English professor living in South Bend, Indiana.

Check out his Twitter feed here, and listen to him read his Michiana Chronicles essays here.

Thank you for the ekphrasis, Ken!