Driving the Bears to Drink

Ken Smith brought this Flaubert quote to my attention (Thanks, Ken!):

“Language is a drum on which we beat out tunes for bears to dance to, when all the while we wish to move the stars to pity.”

I feel this way about paint, lately. Sometimes I am happy enough to beat out that tune for bears to dance to-

and sometimes I fear that I’m beating out thin dirges that would drive the bears back into the woods.

It is very hot and there are bugs everywhere. But- the crickets have started singing already in the evenings. A pleasant noise.

Physical exhaustion for no reason. Seven months without a cigarette.

The world has lost Chris Al-Aswad, who I knew only from his vivid presence on the internet, much too soon.

Escape into Life, the arts site he created, is truly wonderful.

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