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The Magician

Oil on canvas, 30″ x 30″

The beauty of things you never consider

Titan Arum man is coming along well. He should be done in time for the show, which needs to be hung in – gads – a little more than two weeks.

The slightly larger painting that I have high hopes for is still giving me fits.

Don’t know if it will be done in time.

Titan arum

The Corpse Flower is freakishly large and smells bad, by all accounts. I haven’t seen or smelled one in real life. It is on my mind today, though, as it is extraordinarily phallic ┬áin appearance.

I came to a point today where the most logical next move was to add a penis to a particular painting. This is, after all, a show inspired by animus. For it to be entirely dickless would be strange. But the last time I showed a painting that included a penis- an ambiguous shape that MAY have been a penis, really- I annoyed a bunch of people at a church. The painting was hidden in a closet. So I hesitate.

In a compromise that some might call a pussy move – okay, now I’ve offended everyone I might know so thank gourd nobody reads this blog- I am thinking about letting phallic flowers stand in for penises. But it may too coy and smarmy and clever. I don’t know.

In the meantime, nothing large is finished but slow progress continues.