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It is too hot to think clearly.

My Iweb, website designing software for the know-nothing, has stopped working completely. Everything, apparently, is corrupted and I don’t know how to fix it. I know only that I know nothing.

I am also experimenting with Lumina air dry clay and enjoying the hell out of this show when I can catch it online in this cable-free house.

The premise of “Work of Art” (that there are clear winners and losers in this life of art-making) is frustrating and I roll my eyes and talk back at the screen a lot but, still… artists- people making completely impractical things- on a mainstream reality tv show that is gaining in popularity!

I don’t know why that makes me feel better, but it does. The show is interesting and brings me back to the days of classroom critiques.

Jerry Saltz writes thoughtful recaps of the episodes, which are almost better than the shows themselves.


is really here now. Heat. The paleta men ding-dinging down the street. Flies buzzing about. It’s all pretty good.