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Beasty Boy

Oil on canvas, 5″ x 5″. The dog is imaginary, but I like scruffy looking terrier faced dogs in general- and I think they bear a facial resemblance to some wolf spiders, the teddy bears of the spider world.


The tragic shooting in Tucson has been on my mind a great deal. I watched Obama’s speech and wept.  The invocation of “mental illness” and the attitude that this explains it all and we need look no further troubles me. Writing for Slate, Vaughan Bell addresses this issue here.

“…it’s likely that some of the people in your local bar are at greater risk of committing murder than your average person with mental illness.”

-Vaughan Bell, “Crazy Talk,” Slate

Crossing The Waters

(Flowers for Esmin Green)

Oil on canvas, 40″ x 30″.

If any one can define specifically for me the what the “pompitous of love” is I’ll give ’em five bucks.

(It’s about all I can spare.)