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Thank you

I have much to be grateful for lately.

I keep telling myself this as the days grow shorter and darker with winter on its way.

One of the best ways to remind myself of this is by sending out thank you notes to others I feel grateful toward. Not everyone I feel grateful toward; there are so many I would do nothing but make little collages and lick stamps and the frenetic non-remunerative activity would get me deemed (even more) crazy.

I used to make a lot of collages. These days I rarely get the paste pot out unless I’m making thank-you notes. Below are a few recent ones.

I may go unabashedly bawl my eyes out now.

My Thanks

To writer Betsy Robinson and the staff at Spirituality&Health magazine for choosing to feature my work in the “Openings” column of their March/April issue. I feel very honored. The issue will ship out to S&H subscribers this week, and should be on newsstands at the beginning of March.