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Farther Along

This is one of my most favorite Appalachianish gospel songs. It both acknowledges the existential uncertainty of the human condition and offers a little comfort. And this is  a very nice version of the dozens of good ones out there, by Marideth Sisco.



I have been arguing on the internet too much lately, and to no avail. I am trying hard not to be so full of impotent rage and sadness.

I have finished the painting “Mad Dog.” It is oil on wood, 11″  x 14″. I will have the studio open this Friday December 21st – providing the world doesn’t end that day – and it will be the last opportunity for 2012 prices on paintings and monotypes.  Or if you just want to come by and say hi, it would be nice to see you.


Farther along

At least a bit.

I think this one is almost finished.

“The Embrace,” oil on canvas, 8″ x 8″.