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30 in 30 in Day 17 – The Last Bee

Today’s painting is about the weird dreams about bees I’ve had following a conversation with fellow artists (and beekeepers!) Donny Dixon and Tanya Geister. Feeling a little blue today about the impending studio closure, but grateful for this 30 in 30 project. It gives me something else to focus on.


“The Last Bee,” oil on canvas board, 5″ x  7″

Available here.

Once in a blue moon

We are coming up on the second of two blue moons that we’ll have this year.

I don’t know what the odds are of having two blue moons in a year, and my geekery level isn’t high enough this evening to find out.

I’m too busy trying to paint a Mexican wrestler.

Good news- a trio of great shows at CORE New Art Space. Opening tomorrow with an artists’ reception on Friday evening, this show features three artists at different points in their careers, working in different genres.

All three are gifted and dedicated artists, and I recommend you come to see this show if you can.

My friend Claudia Roulier, is one of the three artists in this show. Claudia makes me feel like an underachiever; she is so prolific and talented, and her (often delightfully creepy) work is a must-see!