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A Cowardly Lion

And an inexplicable melancholy on this sunny, soggy, drippy day in Denver.

Perhaps the coming snowstorm will brighten my mood.

CowardlyLion“Cowardly Lion,” oil on canvas board, 5″ x 7″

I will have the studio open tomorrow from 5 until 9. I think.


I am a coward

I still don’t have a finished painting that is good enough to put on a postcard.

I need to finish the larger canvases.

The few that seem close to being “done” seem equally deserving of being set into a roaring fire.

I need boldness, big brushes and brash strokes.

What I have is timidity, the tiny brush and the endless noodling.

Psychological paralysis and incessant worry.

If something doesn’t change soon, I don’t know what will happen with my May show.

If I set tiny paintings ten feet apart and say, “I meant to do that,” do you think anyone will believe me?