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Artma- A Worthy Cause

Artists get asked to donate their art to fundraisers for one thing or another all the time.

But Artma is special.

I’m plugging this event here because it is the most worthwhile of the art fundraisers in my personal experience, both in terms of the cause and the lovely execution of the event itself. The event raises money for the Morgan Adams Foundation, a research fund dedicated to improving the quality of life and survival rates of childhood cancer patients. It was begun in the memory of Morgan Adams, who died at age six.

The auction will take place this year on February 23 at the Denver Studio Complex. You can learn more about Artma here.

I encourage any Denverites who are inspired by Morgan’s story and the legacy of hope that is Artma to get involved, either by donating work if you’re an artist or attending the event if you’re a collector.

The painting I’m donating this year is The Wind in My Sails, shown below.

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