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A Cat May Look at a Queen – 30 in 30 Day 14

Almost half way there today for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Phew! Glad that February is a short month. Nice to think by the last day, we’ll be in lion-lamb territory with spring just around the corner

“A Cat May Look at a King,” oil on canvas, 7″ x 5″


30 in 30 Day 10 – What Canary?

When you realize (again) that your sweet cat is actually a skilled and savage beast, aren’t you glad that the size disparity between the two of you isn’t reversed? I always am.

Oil on cradled wood panel, 6″ x 4″



Dear Katie

You suck.



The Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

Back at ya CCAF

Now here are some cats and a spark of hope!

Love, Katie



Oil on linen, 6″ x 6″. In fond memory of that year when Mom and I were so crazy that we dressed the cat up in baby clothes.

Also vaguely related to thoughts of Lewis Carroll’s Alice.

Diablo en Todas Partes

Our Cat Diablo shows up everywhere, unexpectedly. Driving my daughter to Spanish class, we heard hair-raising noises coming from underneath the back seats. Having recovered from the psychological trauma, he served as my inspiration. Oil on canvas, 6″ x 6″.