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The Wolf at the Door -30 in 30 day 7

Another painting for the Year of the Dog. Oil on cradled wood panel, 8″ x 8″


Bob’s Miss Kitten – 30 in 30 day 6

Oil & beeswax on canvas board, 7″ x 5″



My daughter and her boyfriend have been thinking about getting a cat. They’ve been pouring over the internet listings of Denver area shelters. Our whole family has become interested in this hypothetical cat, and my son Bob thinks an orphaned cat who looks a little like she’s been dropped on her face if her face was made of unfired clay is just perfect. So much so that he made her photo the screen saver on the computer in the living room. The shelter estimates her age to be around 9 years old and they have named her “Miss Kitten.”

Dogged Pursuit – 30 in 30 day 5

Did you know that the Year of the Dog starts on February 16?


“Dogged Pursuit,” Oil on cradled wood panel, 8″ x 8″


“Sure Love” – 30 in 30 day 3

“Sure Love,” oil and vinyl heart on canvas, 10″ x 8″



The tiny vinyl heart was made by the brilliant Brandon Borchert, who left this world 12 years ago.

This painting was on on display at Zip 37 Gallery as part of the Valentine/UnValentine show through February 18.

Chalk Hearts/30 paintings in 30 days #2

ChalkHearts“Chalk Hearts,” oil on canvas, 10″ x 8″

This painting will be on display at Zip 37‘s “Valentine/UnValentine Show” that opens with a reception from 6 to 9 tomorrow evening (red wine! chocolate!) and runs until February 18.

I was thinking about grade school and the valentines we gave our classmates – available at the drugstore, punch-out, 40 per box. We would decorate a shoebox to collect our valentines and I always liked that part. Some painful memories but a few sweet ones in there, too. I recall coming across an old valentine in one of my dad’s books (the things that get tucked into books! A whole world of slender orphaned tickets, recipes, love letters, and currency ) just a couple of years before he died. I brought it to him and he got downright verklempt. He remembered the little girl who had signed her name. There was a reason he had saved that one and tucked it into a book all those years ago.


Blessed be the mystery of love.

Only Love Can Break Your Heart

After skipping a couple years, I have signed up for Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 Challenge again.

Daunting, but exciting too – could be a good antidote for my mid-winter slump.  I’ve been busy working on paintings for a couple different shows, so I’m starting the month off by cheating just a little bit; I’ll post the four very fresh (still wet!) paintings I’ve made for Zip 37 Gallery‘s “Valentine/UnValentine” show, which opens this Friday evening and runs through February 18. Pictured below is “The Lovers,” oil on canvas, 10″ x 8″.



30 in 30 Day 30 – Windows

Do you get phone calls from people with Indian accents asking about your windows? I do, several times a week. I would love some help with my circa 1945 windows. They are crumbly and leaky and let so much cold into the house. The folks on the other end of the phone claim to be interested in my windows but always hang up when I start telling them about my windows.



Oil on canvas board, 5″ x 7″

Available here.

I’m ready for this to be over and happy to be posting #30, the last painting in the challenge

I did enjoy it and realized that even in stressful times, I can paint.


Keep passing those open windows.



30 in 30 Day 29 – Joyful Tortoise

Slow and steady wins the race.


Oil on canvas, 6″ x 6″ Available here.

One more and I am done, however behind I might be.

Emptied out my studio and said goodbye today.


30 in 30 Day 27 – Waiting for the Cows to Come Home

Oil on stretched canvas, 6″ x 6″



Only 3 days left and I’m finally caught up. (For today.) I just might make it after all.

30 in 30 Day 26 – Silent Owl

In rather loud colors.

Oil on stretched canvas, 6″ x 6″


Available here.

If I stay up like an owl and finish another painting before  midnight, I will be all caught up!