Chalk Hearts/30 paintings in 30 days #2

ChalkHearts“Chalk Hearts,” oil on canvas, 10″ x 8″

This painting will be on display at Zip 37‘s “Valentine/UnValentine Show” that opens with a reception from 6 to 9 tomorrow evening (red wine! chocolate!) and runs until February 18.

I was thinking about grade school and the valentines we gave our classmates – available at the drugstore, punch-out, 40 per box. We would decorate a shoebox to collect our valentines and I always liked that part. Some painful memories but a few sweet ones in there, too. I recall coming across an old valentine in one of my dad’s books (the things that get tucked into books! A whole world of slender orphaned tickets, recipes, love letters, and currency ) just a couple of years before he died. I brought it to him and he got downright verklempt. He remembered the little girl who had signed her name. There was a reason he had saved that one and tucked it into a book all those years ago.


Blessed be the mystery of love.

2 responses to “Chalk Hearts/30 paintings in 30 days #2

  1. Hi Katie! Love your art. It’s beautiful, creative. I’m glad you decided to do the challenge.

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