Revival of Ye Olde Blog

It’s been a while!

3+ years of a ridiculous and dangerous nincompoop in the White House, sweeping global fascism, a global pandemic. I feel like one of the lucky ones. Nobody in my family or my close circle of friends died of Covid.

A lot of personal changes, though. Frank’s mom died. We moved after living in the same place almost 30 years. Our kids, grown up with lives of their own, have left the nest.

Blogs sort of went away as social media rose.

But. I knew there must be a good reason to keep paying for this domain.

The software I’ve stubbornly (Lazily? In denial?) kept using to edit my .com website has been long obsolete.

My neglected to-do lists have finally come overdue and I can no longer post new images on my website.

Images are pretty important to an artist’s website, so I’ll need to remake a website.

While this old dog learns new tricks I’ll be posting those images here on this blog.

With some PayPal buttons, for those who wish to purchase.

It’s easier and hella less embarrassing than trying to learn how to Zoom. (Standing apologies to anyone who has ever had to Zoom with me.)

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