30 in 30 Day 11 – Catting Around

Today’s post is about my husband’s feral cats. Frank works as a mechanic and there is a small group of feral cats that hang out in the yard among the junker cars that sit ready to be scavenged for parts. Frank worries about these cats and keeps them fed.  The shop closes down for a week between Christmas and New Years’ Day. In past years he’s driven down during his vacation week a couple of times to make sure the cats didn’t starve, but this time he drove down to feed them every single day.


By the fifth day, it began to feel as though he had a second family. I looked at him and asked if he was really just going to feed his cats every day, or if there was something I should know.

“Katie,” he said, “If I was going to see another woman, do you think I would be taking her ham scraps?”

“Catting Around” is a 5″ x 7″ on canvas board, an  is available here.

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