30 in 30 day 3, Housecat

Today’s painting is about my black cat, Diablo. His weight this morning, taken despite much indignity but no scratching (this time) is 18 pounds.

He is growing increasingly spherical in shape and has to squeeze tightly through the normal cat-sized door to enter the room where his food is kept.  Perhaps this will limit his future weight gain, Winnie-the-Pooh style. We’ll see. (I suspect the neighbors of feeding him on the sly, but only God knows why they would.)





8 responses to “30 in 30 day 3, Housecat

  1. I have a black cat in the studio, Pyewacket..indoors all the time, keeps her and her sister rather plump…cats will eat anywhere, won’t they? Diablo reminds me of Pye with his expression. Nice one!

  2. I adore this!!
    I love your sense of humor, too. Both in writing and imagery.

  3. Love this! Great composition❣

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