I am stupid as the day is long when it comes to legal matters. Other things as well, most likely.

The cry-face may take a while to subside.

I thought dog court would be not a big deal this morning – my dog busted through the screen door and barked at & scared people (he has never, ever bitten anyone) – but I was wrong. I pled guilty but probably should have sought counsel. Must get over my fear of lawyers.

I took both dogs for a walk in the rain tonight and they were good as gold.

I love my dogs. The thought of any harm coming to them causes me a lot of distress.


Also, here are some new paintings.

The first, most pertinent one is not quite finished but almost there.

WIP "This is the Dog who Worried the Cat"

WIP “This is the Dog who Worried the Cat”

This is the Cow with the Crumpled Horn

This is the Cow with the Crumpled Horn

This is the Cock that Crowed in the Morn

This is the Cock that Crowed in the Morn

This is the House that Jack Built

This is the House that Jack Built

Here are a couple tiny ones that I will have available in my studio this First Friday:



oil on canvas, 6" x 6"

oil on canvas, 6″ x 6″

Also, I am tremendously pleased to have a painted skateboard now showing at the wonderful Valkarie Gallery, just west of Denver.

The title is “Devil Does your Dog Bite.”

I may be a devil but my dog does not bite. Truly.

No child, no.

No child, no.

3 responses to “Guilty

  1. So sorry about the trouble you’ve had with the dogs. I’m sure they are as good as gold! But looking at the positive side of things, you’ve shared some marvelous paintings in the last few days, and I’m very excited about this new House That Jack Built series!

  2. love your blog! Like I said on FB, almost exactly the same thing happened to me with our sweet chocolate lab, Maggie around 18 yrs ago, when we lived on Cap Hill. She burst through the screen door and ran barking toward an insane lady and her leetle dog. Maggie did not bite said dog. She was being protective. The lady flipped out and immediately called animal control. I got a court summons. I wrote a ‘testimonial letter’ about Maggie’s character, and had about 20 people sign it accompanied by a funny picture of her with a scarf around her head. We all laughed about till I got there. It was very scary. I did not show the judge the letter.
    I hate having to participate in ANYTHING to do with courts. I’d rather plead guilty, too. I can’t even remember any more what I pled.
    You’ll be able to get over it sooner than you think, but you remind me of that awful, sort of dirty feeling at the time.
    Your visual expressions of this are great! xo.

  3. Kelly, thank you! I appreciate it:)
    Lokken, yes- I think you captured just how it feels. Surprisingly scary, dirty, powerless. A what -the -hell- just happened-and-how sort of thing. Ugh. Thank you for your encouragement! xo

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