The Dollmaker

Oil on canvas, 30″ x 30″

For most of my remembered life, I’ve been prone to sleep disturbances.

Nightmares, night terrors, and perhaps four years of sleepwalking as a child.

One night when I was eight I opened my eyes in a deserted, brightly lit Amtrak dining car speeding through the darkness.

It was as though I’d teleported there, I had no context.

A kind porter led me back to the train car where my sleeping mother slumped sideways in her seat.

My terrifying nightmares have returned, but I’m trying to look on the bright side.

The psych meds must be completely out of my system now and I am back to my old self, back to normal functioning.

I am certain the frightening dreams have a purpose, they must be beneficial in the long run.

One response to “The Dollmaker

  1. If you paint them, thats a purpose.
    but I dont know anything.
    Im interested in that story.
    and the painting,
    the different faces, very moving.

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