In progress. Happy/Sad.

At the Art Students’ League of Denver, I’ve been enjoying making the monoprint “ghosts”- the second impression of ink left on the plate after the first printing- more than anything. The surprises there delight me, and though some areas are pale and perhaps too washed out they all present as possibilities to be expanded, worked into with color. Maybe ink, or watercolor, or colored pencils. I’ll probably go back into this one, “Happy Hour.”

Very sad to hear of  E.C. Cunningham’s passing. MSCD Professor and printmaker extraordinaire, E.C. taught me and hundreds thousands of other art students how to make our very first prints. Serving on my thesis committee when I (finally) graduated just a few years ago, he asked me some tough, open ended  questions that I’m still thinking about. Thank you for teaching me, E.C. My thoughts are with your family and friends.

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