I think this should be my courage song: Swim Until You Can’t See Land

by Frightened Rabbit.

Really, could it get any more perfect?

I am a frightened rabbit as a matter of course.

I have made tremendous progress on what will probably be the largest painting in the show at a modest 40″ x 40″.

(How I envy those painters who routinely create 6′ x 6′ paintings or larger; I don’t know that my circumstances will ever allow for that.)

This is the red bull painting. The cabatisto, the Mexican wrestler.

With a little luck, I’ll have something worthy of a postcard by next week.

Deliriously happy that I’ve made it this far and still breathe.

2 responses to “Swim

  1. Great song from a wonderful band, and a lovely post. All the best with the painting – go well.

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