Every Day a Little Death

One of the best things about being a mom is watching the kids grow up to be interesting people, with their own passions and obsessions.

If you’re lucky- and I’m very lucky- they share these interests with you and expand your world.

My youngest daughter’s passion for the natural sciences has me learning things I never did (but should have) thanks to Joy Hakim’s wonderful series, “The Story of Science.”

These books manage to make the subject engaging and accessible – even to a dunderhead like me- without condescending to the reader. I highly recommend the series to parents of elementary school- aged children.

Last weekend my oldest daughter, who has me searching the bookstores for the best new graphic novels every year at Christmas gift-giving time, participated in the 24-Hour Comics Challenge.

She’s been drawing comics on a regular basis since she was ten years old. They’re irreverent, somewhat disturbing, and quite good.

I think I’ve read more comics in the past five years- due to her interest in the genre- than I had in all the previous years of my life.

My son, a talented college freshman majoring in theater,  has infected me with his newfound enthusiasm for Sondheim. So many musicals, so little time.

Thanks to the magic of Youtube, I can listen while I get on with clutter-purging my studio. Makes the odious task more bearable. Where did all this crap come from?

2 responses to “Every Day a Little Death

  1. Elizabeth Van Jacob

    I love Joy Hakim! We have been making our way through her series on American history called The History of US. I have learned sooooo much, too. We have the science series and are getting ready to tackle it.

    You are exactly describing why I love home schooling so very much.

  2. Elizabeth, we loved the History of US, too!

    I think you’ll be similarly pleased with the science series. We tried to start with “Einstein Adds a New Dimension,” as I found it in the local bookstore and wasn’t aware of the preceding books. But- I was in a little over my head. (My science education was profoundly lacking.)

    I later found the other books on Amazon and reading the series sequentially has been wonderful- as edifying for me as for Opal! We’re smack in the middle of Newton at the Center now.

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