Spanish Lesson

 Spanish Lesson

I’ll be leaving for Spain in a couple of days.

Very excited to see paintings up close and personal that I’ve only glimpsed small reproductions of thus far- particularly Goya’s black paintings..

I’ve been wondering if it isn’t time for me to put this blog to bed. 

I’m not keeping up on it and certainly not providing interesting content on a regular basis. 

The problem may be that I didn’t have a clear purpose for blog when starting it.

A self-promotional tool? I use it as that, but I’m more comfortable usually promoting others. 

An online diary? I’m not forthcoming enough to post any truly interesting daily ruminations I may have. 

Perhaps I’m just too lazy.

Maybe I’ll find renewed energy for continuing with it when I return. If not, BANG! this blog needs to go to the delete bin in the sky.


Hasta la vista.

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