Wake to Sleep

Oil on linen, 6″ x 6″.

5 responses to “Wake to Sleep

  1. Do you know the Roethke poem where your title phrase also appears?


  2. Yes, indeed Ken! I think I like “The Waking” even better than “My Papa’s Waltz.” I’ll bet April doesn’t remember, but years ago when we were in our late teens I became very annoyed with a friend of hers when he tried to convince me that Roethke was a shite poet. I still think I was right, and I still like Roethke:)

  3. I missed this image before. Wow, an eye-catcher for sure.
    makes the mind wander

  4. To be honest, friend, Tho’ I know the name, Roethke’s work I’m unfamiliar with. I looked some poems over, from the site provided by one of yr readers,tho’ I liked the feature poem’s interesting structure, the content didn’t do me. The poem that you mentioned “Papa’s Waltz” spooked me some.I guess I remain less-than=informed & perhaps shouldn’t comment. I believe that here in the US he’s considered a “minor poet” and not really taught in school. I don’t know enough to agree with yr reader or the teacher you respect.
    Love yr image

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