More progress

On “War Prayer.” I think it’s almost finished. There is still some awkwardness. Not sure how I feel about the cross-hairs. They may need to be red.

2 responses to “More progress

  1. Interesting piece…. Reminds me of my long-lost Swedish cousin I just met on my trip…a hunting enthusiast. Beyond measure. We walked into his living room and it was the scene of slaughter, antlers all over every square inch of wall, stuffed dead creatures. Hard to know how to take that. I’ve never seen such a shrine. And yet the nicest guy.

  2. Yikes. My husband comes from a long line of hunting enthusiasts. Nice people to be sure, but I feel fortunate that this trait is not one he shares. One of the oldest restaurants here in Denver, The Buckhorn Exchange, has every variety of dead animal head imaginable on the dining room walls. It hard for me to conceive of a less appetizing atmosphere!

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