The Happy Accident

Oil on canvas, 8″ x 8″.

3 responses to “The Happy Accident

  1. Mmaax(cause thats how you say it)

    Can I still trade in the painting of me and the rabbit for something?

  2. Ha! Nice to see you here, Mmaax.
    Um, no, Max, you know very well that you stole the rabbit painting and that I do not want it back. I can arrange payment plans if there’s a painting you’re interested in. The above painting is not available, though. It’s in the growing collection of a woman in California who collects art on the theme of monkeys eating clowns. Cool world, huh?

  3. gosh, alot going on here. I’ve always love the phrase “happy accident” which to me has always meant, the new art that “happens”
    when our hand couples with the Other
    “powers that be” and something alltogether
    unexpected is left on the page, on the canvas, on the celluloid, new notes on tape.

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