Gee’s Bend

The Denver Art Museum recently hosted an exhibition of some of these remarkable quilts. I had to come back and see the show twice. Living in poverty and isolation and using a visual language all their own, these women made bed coverings that rival the best examples of abstract painting. They are my heroes.

2 responses to “Gee’s Bend

  1. Yes, I love quilts. Such an old art form and so often a communal creative expression. But here with an added dimension.

  2. Yes, I’ve always like quilts too. Twenty years ago I found pictures of Harriet Powers’ bible quilt in a book, and felt a zing of excitement- no gaudy colors or kaleidoscopic patterns, but a Matisse like sensibility in telling her story. She took the quilt to a completely new level of art. The little I could find about other highly original African American quilts led me to believe they had all been lost to history, used up and worn out. Not true! I’m so glad the women of Gee’s Bend are getting recognition for their achievements. And seeing these quilts was such a thrill.

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