April is National Soft Pretzel Month

But I prefer poetry. Here’s the delightful Sharon Olds reading her “Self Portrait, Rear View.”

4 responses to “April is National Soft Pretzel Month

  1. National Soft Pretzel Month?? Eeghads.

    By the way, the art classes at the Worcester Art Museum (that my son took this week) were a bust. He complained that there was not enough time to really make what he wanted to. I guess they cater to the short attention span kids, understandably. My son wanted to make his dragon “realistic” and spent a lot of time constructing an interior support system for his clay figure so that he could make it look like it was in the process of turning its head. Interesting kid.

  2. Ahhh- I’m sorry to hear that, WGB, though not too surprised. I can empathize with your son- when I make art, I don’t make anything quickly. BUT- now that he’s got a fire started on something he likes to make, there’s always oven-fired sculpy, the kitchen table, and the days of summer break ahead.

  3. Yeh, it’s going to be a long summer — we had to cancel our planned trip to visit family in CO and CA since my husband has to find a new job. Ah, well, there’s plenty to do, and I’m sure art projects will figure prominently, as will catching snakes and toads and riding MY bike (he has usurped mine since he’s outgrown his already!)

  4. Ah- that’s too bad. We probably won’t be going to Yellowstone this summer as planned, but that has a lot to with fuel prices.

    Toads! Lucky kid- we rarely see so much as a garter snake here. I’m thinking about dusting off an electric potter’s wheel I have stashed away to keep my girls entertained this summer.

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