Happy Valentine’s Day

heartcrop.jpgHow I hated this holiday when I was younger. I still think it’s a cruel commercial holiday that excludes the lonely. But- there may be nothing lovelier than a valentine, to one in love. My favorite site about romantic love – heart wrenching, unrequited love – is Steve-o Stonebreaker’s Agony and Rapture

3 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Love the texture on this piece. I took my sdon to the Worcester Art Museum yesterday and we got up really close to some of the pieces and loked at brush strokes. My son loved the abstract modern art the best. Interesting reaction.

  2. That’s exciting, writinggb. Ten is such a great age and I find it interesting to see what children are aesthetically drawn to before they’re filled with notions of what they “should” appreciate.

    An artist friend of mine who gets reviewed by professionals frequently tells me she gets the most honest and valuable feedback from the children she works with occasionally.

  3. Yeh, my son’s reactions were more gut level than cerebral. He saw things in the art. When pressed to explain what he saw, he said one piece made him feel happy. Why? It reminded him of a carnival with its shapes and colors!

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