daybreakscan.jpg  Oil on linen, 6″ x 6″.

4 responses to “Daybreak

  1. These colors make me think of Peru. One city where we stayed, Casma, is called Land of Eternal Sun. It was, indeed, quite bright there. Almost blindingly so.

    I wish I had your gift of painting. So much of what I saw and felt on that trip I would dearly love to be able to express in a medium other than words….

  2. Thanks, writing GB. But I think your writing did marvelous justice to your Peru trip- I enjoyed reading it. And I loved the image of the guinea pigs in the kitchen. Surreal, to me.

  3. I just love your style.
    would love to see a bunch of your work in one space, truly.
    that would be a joy.

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